Northwest Pediatric Clinic
4560 FM 1960 West, Suite 101, Houston, TX 77069
Phone: 281-444-0000   Fax 281-444-6158

Flu Shots for the 2013 season now available!

Call 281-444-0000 for appointment
Welcome to Northwest Pediatric Clinic! Located near FM 1960, we have been serving as healthcare providers for children in Houston since 2002.

 Northwest Pediatric Clinic was formed by Thrity Desai, MD to provide quality health care to children of Northwest Houston. Since its inception, the clinic has grown tremendously in size and ability to provide the finest pediatric healthcare and education to its patients. Dr. Desai's goal is for staff of Northwest Pediatric Clinic to utilize their knowledge and skills to provide excellent, family-centered pediatric healthcare and promote wellness throughout the community.   

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